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I’m Karilee Orchard. I’m a marketing coach – more specifically a marketing and technology coach. I’m also an entrepreneur with decades of experience in corporate training, consulting, and technology. I was on the internet before it became the World Wide Web. I’ve been a marketing coordinator… and IT Director of a $50,000,000  company. Real world experience lets me be an effective management coach, when that’s called for, and for several years I did that primarily, but then my geek side won out…

Marketing Coach Karilee Orchard - Technology Coach too!

Early Geek

I used to teach computers before my classrooms had hard drives. In fact, I used to play on the floor of a mainframe computer room when I was a toddler. I have a wide streak of geek in me. That’s been really useful to my clients, as many of them are looking for an internet marketing coach that can help them use web technologies to find more business.

A Geek That Can Communicate?

In spite of that, I know how to communicate. As a trainer and a writer I’ve always been a “translator” who helps normal people understand the geekery, and make use of technology in ways that work for them. Now that technology is such an integral part of marketing, I find I can really serve entrepreneurs well as their small business marketing coach.

A Marketing Coach That Empowers You

I break the geek stuff down into simple steps normal people can really succeed with. When I coach a client who isn’t technical and see them succeed at essential business tasks that used to completely intimidate or stymy them, it’s very satisfying. For example:

  • A senior citizen who is saving over $3,000 per year doing her own website updates, which she formerly paid a webmaster to do.
  • The “non-technical” client who is now producing her own web video, and posting it to YouTube herself, instead of paying $900 and up per video.
  • Another client who is has built her writing confidence blogging, and is now creating her first eBook as a product for sale.
  • The well-known author who now has a site where every article (over 600!) he’s ever written is searchable and easy to find by topic.
  • A doctor who had wonderful articles on the web, that nobody could find because her site structure and search engine optimization were… awful. Now she’s learned how to use the web to get clients to her practice, and she’s on page one for Google search in her city.

Why I Do What I Do

I love helping entrepreneurs succeed..As a child, I was told that my choices were very limited. My parents saw me as destined to marry and raise children, and that was the only part of my future that was important. Any job I got would be in the service of that, temporary, and of course working for someone else. That had been my mother’s life,  so it was to be mine as well. Entrepreneurship was off the table as a possibility, even though I’d run a creative and profitable mini-business in high school. Intelligence and creativity weren’t really assets – they were uncomfortable traits for a girl to have. My parents were the products of their own upbringing, but the future they foresaw for me was tightly constrained. Entrepreneurship became both my rebellion and my lifeline, as I discovered how to break out of the little box I’d been destined for and into a wider and more empowered world where I could take responsibility for my own choices.

When my marketing consulting services can create success stories like those I listed above, it’s very satisfying. I’m driven to help others achieve their own “freedom businesses”, because I believe very deeply that it’s one of the best avenues to live a fulfilled and authentic life – a live where you can make your own choices. I’m excited about helping others overcome unnecessary barriers in their lives, barriers between themselves and their dreams that they didn’t consciously choose to put there.

My personal top values are integrity, joy, freedom, and growth, and I think one of the best ways to achieve those is to build a business that contributes your best skills to others and gives you the lifestyle you choose, in terms of hours, income and location.

So I Choose to Become A Business Marketing Coach

So my self-chosen “job” as your marketing coach is making sure you have the resources and support you need to succeed in your business. It’s also important to me that you are able to learn to do these tasks independently if you choose – I don’t want to be involved in drawing people into systems that force them into dependency. That’s why I”ll introduce you to enabling technologies that add freedom to your business – not more constraints. You need affordable marketing that works in your business.

What You’ll Find On This Site

There are resources on this site for every entrepreneur – from the still-trapped-in-a-job dreamer to the established and prosperous businessperson. I hope you’ll browse for marketing tips and ideas, try the free Small Business Marketing Self-Assessment, and give me a call to find out more about my live marketing workshops and services as a marketing coach.

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