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Imitation, they say, is the sincerest form of flattery. However, if you work hard at creating great original web content, it can be annoying to find that it’s being duplicated on other websites. But what if you could turn having your content copied into a benefit? Enter Tynt.

Tynt Gives Your Website Valuable Links When Your Content Is Copied

Tynt provides the ability to track when your web content is being copied, and most importantly, to add a link to any content that is copied, whether into an e-mail  social media site like Facebook, or another website. If your website has Tynt installed, anyone who copies content from it will create this link automatically.

Links Are Good For SEO

Most web content creators know that good quality links are beneficial for Search Engine Optimization. It’s true that Panda and Penguin made us careful of links from bad locations, since these could be a detriment to your site. However, on average I think there’s no question that Tynt will give you positive exposure. There’s also some interesting information on Tynt site about how often content is copied from websites and e-mails. I suggest you watch the opening video there. To me, Tynt seems like a no-brainer. I can’t stop someone from stealing my content, but at least I can get links and traffic from it.

Tynt Installation is Incredibly Easy

Tynt code directly in WordPress ThemeTynt has one of the best installation instruction screens I’ve ever seen. It’s clear and easy to follow, and provides a test so that you can ensure you followed the steps correctly. If you’re a WordPress user, you have the option of using a free plug-in to make the job even easier. I installed Tynt on this WordPress site without bothering with the Tynt plug-in.

If your WordPress theme offers a field in its administration panel to fill in your Google analytics code, just add your Tynt code there if you prefer not to add another Plugin. Of course, in this case you give up the ability to see statistics Tynt gathers right in your Dashboard.

You can still log into the Tynt site to the see Publisher Tools, though. Publisher – that’s you!

Here’s What Tynt Publisher Tools Cover:

Tynt Publisher Tools

You Get Email Updates Too

Just got some stats in from Tynt. There’s a nice email summary, and you can go to their site for more information, of course.

Tynt Publisher Tools Report

While You’re At It, Grab RSS Footer Too

Here’s another plugin to grab for a similar set of reasons, by a different author. The RSS Footer Plugin, by Joost de Valk, is similar in that it automatically adds a reference link back to your site, this time in your RSS feed. So if another website includes your content in an automatic feed, you will get links and traffic from it. You can grab the plugin from, or from the Plugin Repository.

Try These Out On Your Site

It will take you less time to install Tynt and RSS Footer than it’s probably taken you to read this post, so give them a try. They’re both free, and they’ll both ensure that at least you get links from content “borrowed” from your site. Let me know how Tynt and RSS Footer work for you.

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