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Shared Hosting and IP-Based Spam Lists

Shared hosting is inexpensive for small companies starting out on the web, but it has its risks and downsides. Getting blacklisted can be very bad for Read more

A Friday Story, and Blocking Spam

Have you heard the Friday Story? It's about what happens when you consistently give something for free - and every business owner needs to think about it. We talk about blocking spam Read more

Article Keyword Research - Going Where The Traffic Is

Do your Article Keyword Research before you start writing blog posts, and your website traffic will improve fast. It's fast, easy, and it pays Read more

WordPress - Disable Comments

If you find yourself frustrated by spam and searching for wordpress disable comments or turn off comments wordpress, we're happy to help. The Quick Answer To How To Disable Comments In WordPress Log in and go to Settings, Discussion. Uncheck "Allow people Read more

Content Getting Copied? Get Tynt

Imitation, they say, is the sincerest form of flattery. However, if you work hard at creating great original web content, it can be annoying to find that it's being duplicated on other websites. But what if you could turn Read more

How to Get Unlimited Article Ideas

Discover a handy list of ways to get article ideas, and one almost-magic technique for getting a relevant list of article ideas your prospective readers will Read more

Hiding Under My Desk

Posted on by Karilee in Small Business Technology 1 Comment

It’s been a rough week, productivity wise. I’ve spent most of my working hours under my desk. At least it’s a big, spacious desk.

Home Office DeskYou see, Monday evening I shut down the computer. Tuesday it didn’t start up. It didn’t even hiccup. I crawled under the desk and started jiggling wires and looking for loose components. I tried removing non-essential components. I moved a jumper to reset the bios. Many times. Nothing worked.

I was spending so much time under the desk I had to improve the environment. I installed a light, and a pillow. Read more

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