Add A Privacy Policy To Your Website

privacy policyThere are several reasons to take the time to add a Privacy Policy and and Terms of Service to your website.

Cover Your Ass-ets

Of course there’s the legal coverage they give you – in particular, your Terms of Service can protect you from future litigation.

Reassure Your Visitors

They are also very important trust builders with your site visitors. To them, you’re obviously taking care of details and not a “fly by night” operation, if you’ve gone to the effort of clearly delineating your policies.

A Privacy Policy May Help Search Engine Optimization

There are rumors that Google and Facebook both look more kindly upon links to sites with a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service (ToS). Can’t hurt, might help. It’s up to you whether to put these on your main menu, or perhaps just in a footer menu. Here’s Outcome Marketing’s Privacy Policy, if you’d like a peek.

Free Privacy Policy and Terms of Service Generators

Adding your Internet Privacy Policy and Terms of Service is incredibly easy, thanks to the internet. There are plenty of free templates online if you search Privacy Policy Generator or Terms of Service Generator. You’ll need the legal name of your business, email, mailing address and phone number, and you will have to edit the templates to personalize them.

Try the Free Privacy Policy and ToS Generators:

Privacy Policy Generator

Terms of Service Generator

Add Policies to your WordPress Website

Once you’ve generated your Policy, copy the text or HTML code by clicking in that area and then hit Control + A to make sure you get it all, and then Control + C to copy. Open a New Page on your WordPress site, go to the HTML tab (called TEXT after version 3.5) and click in the text area. Then press Control + V to paste the policy in. Go back to the Visual Tab and edit the Privacy Policy to suit the needs of your business. It should contain your contact information. If it’s possible in your Theme, you may want to set the page display options to full width. Put a title on your page, and Publish it. Decide whether you want it as part of your main menu structure, or as a link in your footer.

In some cases, you may want to get a Legal Professional to review your new Policy.

Congratulations. You now have a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for your website – that’s professional!

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    If you include Google AdSense and other advertisements on your Blogger site, you must include a privacy policy to be in compliance with these programs. This policy identifies how your visitor’s information is collected and used when accessing your blog. Use the tools in your Blogger account to create a privacy policy and display it in a prominent area, such as the header, on every page where your readers can find it easily..
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  3. TracyAnn0312

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