A Gift For You On My Father’s Birthday

Today is my father’s birthday, and it seemed like a good idea to give a present in his honor – a gift for you!

You see, indirectly, my father got me started in this whole computer-geek thing. How many people do you know who used to crawl around as babies in a mainframe computer room? In the early sixties, he’d occasionally take me in to “the office” with him, or my mother would stop by with me for a visit. He managed a major mainframe data center.


What a fascinating place, especially from floor level! Boxes of punched cards in white, pink, and green. Whirring magnetic tapes, tons of machinery arrayed in impressive rows. Of course, today your smartphone has more computing power than that multi-million dollar installation, but that’s part of the fascination for me.

So in honor of my father’s birthday, and his influence on my geekiness, I’ve dropped the price of my Introduction to Web-Powered Marketing course to free. If you sign up now, there will be no cost for the course, just some really useful information for helping you to understand how to market your business with today’s computers, instead of the behemoths I first met.

You’ll also get to try out the Ruzuku learning environment, and I’d really like your feedback.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Limited seats available – get your free course today.

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9 Responses to A Gift For You On My Father’s Birthday

  1. Ruth27

    SO this is what an old computer looks like. Never seen one before. I want to greet your dad happy birthday.
    Ruth27 recently posted..How to win the lottery guaranteedMy Profile

  2. TracyAnn0312

    Is this the old look computer or a radio amplifier. Very cool to look antique designs like this..
    TracyAnn0312 recently posted..SMSMy Profile

  3. Beverly

    Thanks for sharing this inspiring post to us…I really appreciate this to us..
    Beverly recently posted..Chamonix SummerMy Profile

  4. Cinny

    Its really cool! Thanks for sharing with us the previous image of a computer.
    Cinny recently posted..When Are You Most FertileMy Profile

  5. Tisha

    I like reading this post thank you for sharing this to us..
    Tisha recently posted..The Gold DiggerMy Profile

  6. Aldreda

    The advancement on our technology really takes in a faster way, This is just a sample comparison between the old times and recent beauty of our computer… There’s such u huge difference.
    Aldreda recently posted..Why Cant I Get PregnantMy Profile

  7. Paula

    I really appreciate this kind of post..Thanks for sharing this to us..
    Paula recently posted..Spa Cap Covers vs Rigid Foam CoversMy Profile

  8. Connie Von Petzinger

    You are way too good to be giving away anything for free Karilee !! Sure grateful that your dad inspired you to be a geek!

  9. Judith

    Happy Birthday to your dad…May he have more birthday to come. I love this post its nice.
    Judith recently posted..Laptop Repair Los AngelesMy Profile


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