Weekly Marketing

Outcome-focused Weekly Marketing Mastermind

Group Training and Coaching

This is LIVE marketing coaching and training in Vancouver, BC

Monthly – at least four 2 hour sessions & self-selected homework!

$260/month plus HST (discounts available for prepayment of multiple months)
(includes email support and “quick question” 5 minute calls at no extra charge)

Your marketing is inconsistent. Your business goes through feast and famine cycles. You need accountability, you need encouragement, and you need someone to help you with the technical bugs that pop up along the way. Having some peer-time and exposing your ideas to others would be great too.

The American Society of Training and Development states that the likelihood of you doing something if you agree to check in with someone for accountability rises from only 40% (without the check-in) to 95% with the accountability added!

So you’re going to commit to showing up once a week make a plan to work on marketing YOUR business during the session. Whether it’s a new article, a series of site posts, a guest blog, building a better contact management system, or doing email merges, every week you’re going to show up with a plan to market your business… or be GIVEN one. You’ll commit to a comfortable level of marketing for you and your business, and report back on your progress each week. You’ll learn and take ACTION on some skills and concepts, such as:

  • Sales Funnel Techniques
  • Back-end and affiliate sales
  • Cross promotion
  • Knowing what you want: effective calls to action
  • Customizing email and snail mail
  • The power of the personal touch
  • Business card impact
  • Improving your autosignature
  • Using automated scheduling software
  • How to keep your memory on the web
  • Networking techniques
  • Values-focused marketing communication
  • Brochure review or creation
  • Your memorable intro
  • Playing to your strengths

You’ll get support, motivation, ideas, and even inspiration – not only from your coach, but from your group members. You’ll find your business begins to grow beyond your previous experience. This program will keep you taking ACTION on your marketing, and consistent action keeps prospects in your pipeline, clients in your business, and money in the bank.

The Guarantee

Try it out for the first two weeks. If it’s not for you, I’ll refund your full investment without a qualm. There’s no risk to you, and you’ll find that having support and a cheering section for your marketing will get you moving forward – and that’s priceless!