Marketing Coach = Thriving Business

Marketing Coach? Why Would I need one?

NLP Quote about Goals vs Outcomes

A Marketing Coach Can Help You Get More From Technology

Most small businesses today are missing out. It bugs me.

Their web sites are weak, or non-existent. Or they have decent sites that weren’t structured right, and nobody finds them in a Google search. And they don’t realize how much their lack of effective presence on the web is hurting their business credibility.

They have no idea how powerful and easy-to-use today’s web marketing tools are. They don’t know that they could be promoting their business and themselves on the web and really, genuinely attracting new business that way. Many pay too much for too little, or worse yet, freeze like a deer in the proverbial headlights and don’t make decisions at all on implementing technology. Some of them don’t do any consistent marketing, even in traditional ways.

And it usually costs them thousands of dollars in missed revenue.

Get Consistent Marketing Results

To get consistent results, you require consistent action. Right actions = right results. The challenge for most entrepreneurs is that it’s easy to become driven by urgency instead of importance. This leads to “peak and valley” marketing, or worse yet, to no clients at all. If you have trouble staying on track, a marketing coach can help. Here’s some of what I do for my clients:

If your business is doing more withering than thriving, you really need a fresh look at what’s possible.

Technology AND Marketing?

I’m Karilee Orchard, a marketing and technology coach in Vancouver, BC.

There aren’t many marketing coaches that understand technology really well, and not too many technology coaches who really grasp business. When you combine both of those skill sets, and add two decades of professional training background, you get a really unusual and powerful mix. Putting all that together creates a synergy that will drive your business forward faster.

The web can work for you, but the outcome you get is going to depend on the actions you take to get the right pieces in place. If what you’ve been doing isn’t working as well as you’d like, try something different. Taking action doesn’t guarantee the outcome you want, but failing to take action brings really predictable results: Failure.

I love working as a marketing coach. It’s great to see my clients progress and new doors open for their businesses. I teach them how to measure the improvements they’re making. They call me, delighted, when they get new business from the web.

Marketing Training Too

Sometimes, though, what they really need is marketing training for themselves or a staff member who isn’t able to drive as much business as they’d hoped. I’ve put together some powerful marketing workshops in three areas that consistently challenge small businesses:

Web-Powered Marketing Training Program

  1. Take Control of Your WordPress Website (Bonus – you GET a business website out of taking the course!)
  2. Web Traffic Building and Local Web Marketing (Bonus – you’ll see your website traffic improve immediately from at at least 10 free traffic sources)
  3. Social Media and Networking Power (Bonus – you’ll have a Facebook Fan Page and custom Twitter page when done)

You can do this stuff. These marketing training courses aren’t for geeks, they’re for small business owners and staff, with step-by-step, clear instructions on how to do specific actions that will get you leads, boost your sales, and improve repeat business too!

Let’s work together to get you taking those right actions consistently. Whether you need just a little help from a marketing coach, some technical assistance building a webpage, or marketing training that will boost your business, I’d like to help.

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