Internet Marketing Strategy with Marketing Coach Karilee Orchard


Develop Your Marketing Strategy
Get a Customer Acquisition Strategy that fits your target market AND your style, and create a website that converts prospects to clients.


Reach Prospects & Sell
Get Traffic, Track results and sell more of your products and services. SEO, Social Media and other strategies can build your business.


Nurture Business Development
Grow your profits by building client relationships. Increase client lifetime value with repeat sales, bundled sales and referrals.

Marketing Training in Vancouver BC


We teach three custom-designed, live courses focused on building your business with marketing and technology. With over 25 years of training and small business development experience, you’ll get it. Guaranteed.

Marketing Lessons and a Free Session with a Marketing Coach


Free Marketing Lessons, a Small Business Marketing Self-Assessment, a complimentary Intro Session with a Marketing Coach, Discounts and more… all free. What are you waiting for?

Marketing Strategy Mastermind Groups with Marketing Coach Karilee Orchard


In business, and especially small business marketing, you can’t achieve your goals alone. And you won’t have to, since we offer a personal Marketing Coach, group coaching and even coach-facilitated Mastermind groups to help you along.


If you have the time and an interest in writing, speaking or organizing, we can help you learn to apply a Marketing Strategy & Customer Acquisition Tactics that will fit you and your business. Very little technical skill is required, and we’re professional instructors.


If you’re tight on time and just want it done right, of course we’re here to help. Need blog posts, articles, graphics, social media management, press releases, video… All with SEO done right? We can produce content that brings in leads to build your business profits.

What does Outcome Marketing do?

  • Website Development / Makeovers
  • Social Media Management
  • Local & Mobile Marketing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Small Business Marketing Training
  • Copywriting and Copyediting
  • Book/Product Launch & Promotion
  • Brochures, Signs & Web Graphics
  • Web Video & Audio
  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • Small Business Development
Karilee enabled me to take in the necessary information and steps in bite-sized pieces.
Website Development Website Development
In today’s market, if your website doesn’t work, nothing in your marketing strategy can work to its fullest potential. Even “Word of Mouth” doesn’t work without a website that supports it, because people check. Get a website that communicates and converts.
Social Media Management Social Media Management
Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest… Social Media is an essential tool in your marketing strategy. Used properly, it can be an inexpensive source of new clients and a showcase for your business. We’ll help you set up tactics for dealing with Social Media in a minimum of time, with maximum impact.
Local & Mobile Marketing Local & Mobile Marketing
If you have a “Bricks and Mortar” business with a fixed location, you need to make Local Marketing part of your small business development. It’s inexpensive and powerful, and you can’t afford to have your competition figure out Local and Mobile Marketing before you do.
Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization
On the web, you can create valuable information, but nobody sees it if you don’t get the words right. We can teach you “SEO for non-geeks”, practical and simple steps to take to make sure your content and your business will be found more often – or we can take care of it for you.
Copywriting and Copyediting Copywriting and Copyediting
You probably know how much credibility a business loses if they can’t communicate clearly, or have typos littering their website and promotional materials. Nobody wants to do business with you if you can’t get the details right… but we can make sure you do.
Book/Product Launch Book/Product Launch
Whether you need an entire book marketing plan, some help setting up a virtual book tour, or simply a few press releases for a product launch, we’re here to make sure your creative work gets the exposure you want. Launches are complex – talk to your marketing coach well in advance of your planned launch date!
Graphics Graphics
People love images. They leave sites that are a “wall of text”. They enjoy sharing interesting pictures and graphics with their friends. Make that work for you – with evocative, interesting and professional images that show your business in its best light. We’ll help you tell your story – with images to keep it interesting.
Web Video & Audio Web Video & Audio
When you start to explore web video and podcasting, it can seem overwhelming and very expensive. Yet with a few simple tools, you can make audio and video communication with your clients part of your marketing strategy – and this new media is very, VERY popular and good at bringing in fresh customers.
Marketing Strategy Marketing Strategy
There are so many choices about what to do in small business development, that it can quickly become overwhelming and lead to a lack of any marketing. That leads to a failed business. Your marketing coach will develop a marketing strategy and set of tactics that fits you and your business. With a marketing system focused on your strengths, you can succeed.
For the first time in history, small business has access to the same tools and capabilities that were once reserved for only the biggest companies in the world. The Cloud levels the playing field.
– Louis Rosas-Guyon III

 Technology Coach AND Marketing Coach?  I’m Karilee Orchard, a Marketing and Technology Coach in Vancouver, BC.

There aren’t many Marketing Coaches that understand technology really well, and not too many Technology Coaches who really grasp business. When you combine both of those skill sets, and add two decades of corporate training background, you get an unusual and powerful mix. Putting all that together creates a synergy that will drive your business forward faster. As your marketing coach, I can help you get your message out further and faster. If you choose, I will provide marketing training that enables you to save money by producing web-optimized text, audio, and video yourself.

As a Marketing Coach, I get to wear many hats. Some days I’m a Public Relations Coach. I’m often a Sales Coach or Internet Marketing Coach. I’m sometimes a Management Coach, and even a Finance Coach… just don’t look to me to be your Accounting Coach – I know when I’m in over my head! I love the variety my job brings, and as Outcome Marketing has become more and more involved in Search Engine Optimization, being an SEO Coach is one of my favorite roles. SEO changes constantly, but most people get the basics wrong -and those don’t change often. You’d be surprised how much a two-hour training session can teach you about how to “beat out” your competitors get clients on the web.

The web can work for you, but the outcome you get is going to depend on the actions you take to get the right pieces in place. If your small business development process isn’t working as well as you’d like, it’s time to try something different – a marketing strategy that works for you. Taking action doesn’t guarantee the outcome you want, but failing to take action brings really predictable results: Failure. Instead, choose to get some help, and learn to attract more clients. From sales prospecting tips to elevator speeches, from internet marketing coaching to guerilla marketing ideas… call us. We’ve got more than one marketing expert on our web marketing consulting team.

I love working as a Marketing Coach. It’s great to see my clients progress, and new doors open for their businesses. I coach them in measuring the improvements they’re making. They see their traffic improve, and they call me, delighted, when they learn how to get clients from the web.

Get A Marketing Coach Today Get A Marketing Coach Today
Even the wrong action is better than no action – but we’d rather see you spend your time productively. Call us today or use the form below to book a free Intro with your coach, and let’s talk about a Marketing Strategy that works for your specific business and personality.
Grow Your Business Grow Your Business
 Most businesses fail  – because most businesses fail to market. When your business puts a system & strategy in place for connecting with potential clients, everything changes. Talk to your marketing coach today.
The difference between a goal and an outcome may not be immediately obvious, but it is significant.

A goal is something we want, while an outcome is something we get as a result of our actions.

– Teach Yourself NLP
by Steve Bavister and Amanda Vickers

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