#3: Social Media Training

Social Media and Networking Power

Workshop #3 of the Web-Powered Marketing Program

This is a LIVE Workshop offered in the Vancouver, BC area (Burnaby) over three evenings, 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.


9 hours of live training (see course schedule)

This workshop is available in a customized, concentrated format at your site, as two sessions of 4 hours each (A full day session is possible but not optimal, due to the quantity of material covered). A minimum of three participants is required. Funding may be available if your organization qualifies – please call 778-895-2311 to check.

$495 plus HST

Does this Social Media stuff really deliver more clients? Absolutely! A client of mine called up one day to tell me he’d gotten new business from his blog, Twitter and Facebook – all in one day! He was excited because a few months before, his website had no traffic, and he wasn’t using Social Media at all. By the way, he’s in his sixties – anyone can learn these techniques, regardless of age or technical skill.

Google owns YouTube. They watch Twitter traffic in real time to see who’s getting attention. LinkedIn is considered a very respectable source of business contacts, and is a powerful tool for meeting “the right people. Facebook is a phenomenon – the average North American spends 8 hours per week on Facebook, and almost as much website traffic comes from Facebook as comes from Google itself! Learning to use these tools effectively gives your business an enormous competitive advantage.

They also help you create relationships with your clients, improving your customer service. You can meet and connect with more of your “right people” – and do more business with the clients you want to work with. You’ll learn about the power of social proof, and how to present yourself to the world as a credible expert.

And, we’ll teach you how to keep an eye on your competitors, so you’ll know what they’re up to and can devise strategies in response.

We don’t just teach theory, you’ll get active on the major Social Media sites during this workshop, and even create a YouTube video. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be IN it, if you don’t want to.

In each lesson, you’ll be learning new skills that will serve you and your business for years to come:

  • Creating your accounts: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Google
  • Optimizing your “elevator speech”
  • Being prepared for Meetup and other networking opportunities
  • Twitter basics & list building strategies
  • Customizing your Twitter page background and bio
  • Scheduling tweets in advance
  • Creating tweet content easily
  • “Tweeting” Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook all at once
  • YouTube traffic strategies
  • LinkedIn profile development
  • LinkedIn business building strategies
  • Creating your Facebook Fan page
  • Getting “Liked” on Facebook
  • The power of YouTube/traffic strategies
  • Other powerful traffic sources and how to use them
  • Using Google Alerts and Feed
  • Creating audio content for your site
  • Creating YouTube promotional videos
  • … and much more

Bonus Takeaway(s)

You’ll leave the workshop with your Facebook Fan Page and a YouTube video already created for your business. Just those two marketing tools alone would normally cost you much more than the cost of the workshop. Better yet, you’ll have the skills to create more content like that any time you need it.

Complete Course Outline

Download the course outline for Social Media and Networking Power – and hey, mail it to a friend who could benefit. Thanks!