#2: Web Traffic Building Training

Web Traffic Building
and Local Web Marketing

Workshop #2 of the Web-Powered Marketing Program

This is a LIVE Workshop offered in the Vancouver, BC area (Burnaby) over three evenings, 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.


9 hours of live training (see course schedule)

This workshop is available in a customized, concentrated format at your site, as two sessions of 4 hours each (A full day session is possible but not optimal, due to the quantity of material covered). A minimum of three participants is required. Funding may be available if your organization qualifies – please call 778-895-2311 to check.

$495 plus HST

You have a website. How come nobody’s visiting? You either can’t pay someone, or realize that you’ll need to understand this stuff to be able to be independent in maintaining your site.

There are reputable SEO consultants out there, but they charge significant amounts for their services. Cut-rate “linkbuilding” packages often cause Google to drop your site from front-page results, rather than improve your ranking. The only inexpensive way to improve your search engine ranking is to learn about doing it yourself – and it can be surprisingly easy!

You’ll learn where and how to build links, to draw more traffic to your site. You’ll improve your reputation on the web, and build credibility. You’ll get found in local and cell phone searches, by active buyers looking for an immediate solution.The mysteries of SEO copywriting , online press releases and article marketing will be revealed with simple strategies for building traffic to your site.

You’ll also learn strategies to capture information from visitors to your site, turning them into prospects with whom you can build a relationship that leads to their becoming clients. We’ll talk about how to keep in contact with those clients consistently, and sell them more products, more frequently. Just a few of these strategies can be significant to your business bottom line.

Imagine launching a new product or service, or announcing a special offer, with an up-to-date list of clients and prospects ready to hear about it.

In each lesson, you’ll be learning new skills that will serve you and your business for years to come:

  • Telling your story effectively
  • Reviewing your product funnel and upsell opportunities
  • Creating synergy with web and off-web promotion
  • Building inbound links, in the right places
  • Using effective commenting strategies
  • Embedding links in comments
  • Create content with SEO Copywriting
  • Understand Local Marketing essentials
  • Create traffic with Directory registrations
  • Install and configure your Autoresponder
  • Create Social Proof and Testimonials
  • Get traffic from Article Marketing
  • Use free Classified Ads for more traffic
  • Add income from Product marketing
  • Additional ways to add revenue streams to your site
  • Write Web Press Releases
  • Decide if affiliates could support your business
  • Discover opportunities for Web P.R.
  • … and much more

Bonus Takeaway(s)

You’ll leave the workshop with a list of directory sites, as well as the primary local marketing sites, to build your links from.

You’ll also get a powerful web press release template, a “fill in the blanks” model for creating effective and powerful traffic-building press releases.

Complete Course Outline

Download the course outline for Web Traffic Building and Local Web Marketing – and hey, mail it to a friend who could benefit. Thanks!