#1: WordPress Website Training

Take Control of Your WordPress Website

Workshop #1 of the Web-Powered Marketing Program

This is a LIVE Workshop offered in the Vancouver, BC area  over three evenings, 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.


9 hours of live training (see course schedule)

This workshop is available in a customized, concentrated format at your site, as two sessions of 4 hours each (A full day session is possible but not optimal, due to the quantity of material covered). A minimum of three participants is required. Funding may be available if your organization qualifies – please call 778-895-2311 to check.

$495 plus HST

You may be a complete “newbie”, but you need to learn how to set up your website from scratch. You either can’t pay someone, or realize that you’ll need to understand this stuff to be able to be independent in maintaining your site.

You want to have the freedom later to build additional sites, or change the look of your site, and feel comfortable adding pages, changing your menu structure, customizing widgets and page layout, adding plugins, and doing basic SEO. That’s why you’ll learn WordPress, the best possible platform to market your business on because it’s accessible for a non-technical person, and sets your site up the right way to be indexed by Google.

You’ll get training on where to get free or low-cost images, and how to resize and customize them for the web. You’ll also learn how to use FTP to upload files to your WordPress site. You’ll create PDF documents that can be downloaded from your site to promote your business.

In each lesson, you’ll be learning new skills that will serve you and your business for years to come. The jargon you don’t recognize today will become tools to help you get ahead of your competitors after the workshop:

  • Site Purpose and target audience
  • Keyword research and selection
  • Tagline creation
  • Finding and registering the right domain name
  • Configuring your email
  • Buying hosting for your site*
  • WordPress Website setup
  • Planning your menu structure
  • Customize your Permalinks
  • Create an effective Tagline
  • Add or modify Posts or Pages
  • Set up your Contact page
  • Create Categories and Tags
  • Install and change WordPress Themes
  • Add and update Plugins
  • Configure Widgets and their layout
  • Installing Plugins (and which are must-haves!)
  • Adding Themes and customizing your site’s appearance
  • Backup the easy way
  • Install Google Sitemap
  • Install and use Google Analytics
  • Configure RSS
  • Sources of images
  • Crop, resize and web-prep images
  • Inserting and labeling images correctly for SEO
  • Use on-site SEO techniques
  • Create PayPal payment buttons
  • Create PDFs and put them on your site
  • Use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to move or remove files
  • Creating automatic backup for your WordPress site
  • … and much more

Bonus Takeaway(s)

If you choose, you’ll have a complete business website and blog on your own domain name, created from scratch. You’ll know how to modify any part of it – and how to build another site if you ever need one.

*Hosting is an additional cost, ranging from $10 for a month to about $95 per year (US dollars). You are not required to buy hosting for this course, but you’ll need it if you want to create your own website on your own domain.

Complete Course Outline

Download the course outline for Take Control of Your WordPress Website – and hey, mail it to a friend who could benefit. Thanks!