Small Group Coaching

Live Small Group Marketing and Technology Coaching in Vancouver, BC

These programs are for client-centered service professionals who want to take regular, consistent, successful action on their marketing.

Marketing Actions create ripplesSmall Business Weekly Marketing Mastermind

Take the idea-generation and accountability of a Mastermind group, and cross it with weekly marketing training and support.

Let’s help you get past whatever is stopping you from playing on a larger stage and making a greater contribution.

  • You’ll take action every week
  • You’ll know what tools to use
  • You’ll learn how to leverage technology
  • You’ll have less stress, and more confidence
  • You’ll have support in building your business
  • Your authentic self will be represented on the web
  • You’ll avoid ripoffs and mis-steps on the internet superhighway
  • Your circle of contacts and prospective clients will grow wider every month
  • You’ll learn to think in ways that bring about effective marketing outcomes

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How Does This Happen?

You’ll select a session time slot every week, and commit to showing up at one of the convenient boardroom locations we use. You’ll bring your laptop, and I’ll supply wireless internet and caffeine (or a great selection of decaf teas).

Morning, afternoon, evening and weekend sessions are available, on a limited basis. I can wait-list you if the time slot you need isn’t currently available.

Small group coaching live

We’ll work in an intimate small group environment, and you’ll learn and implement new techniques to gain exposure for your business, reach new prospects, and convert them into clients. Each week, you’ll take action, both in our sessions and outside of them, and we’ll track your progress. You’ll get more marketing done, consistently, because you’ve scheduled time for it into you week and made a commitment to do it.

“Nobody ever lost their shirt with their sleeves rolled up.”

– Unknown

Designed to Move Your Marketing Forward

Requirements for group coaching programs

• Basic computer knowledge
(I can navigate the web, send email, and create a document in Word).

• Laptop with wireless networking.

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