Website Review & Personalized Advisory Report

If you have an existing website that isn’t attracting and converting new business as it should, it’s time to find out why not. That’s where an objective website review comes in.

Personalized Website Review

I perform a personalized website review, combining both subjective opinion and objective metrics, to give you a website analysis that will really mean something. I don’t bury you in figures or machine-generated code.

Written For “Regular People” With No Programming Skills

I analyze your website and personally write a report in normal, understandable human language that tells you what works, what doesn’t work, and where you can improve your website. The goal, after all, is to generate more targeted traffic – to attract your right people for your content.

This Is A Personalized Website Competitive Analysis

I look at your competition too, and make suggestions based on what’s working for them.

SWOT Analysis

I look at over 40 specific factors affecting your website’s visitor appeal and ability to rank on Google and other search engines. I tell you clearly what your site’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats are, and I summarize the highest-priority actions you should take first to improve your website competitiveness.

You’ll Get Both Summary And Details

Your report will be 15 or more well-organized pages, including at least:

  • summary
  • highest priority recommended changes
  • 12 topic marketing overview
  • 5 topic marketing conversion
  • 10 topic On-Site SEO analysis
  • 12 topic Off-Site SEO analysis
  • 6 topic Social Media analysis
  • information on the10 major sites you’ll be competing against
  • and more

Technical AND Marketing Analysis

If you want to make sure your site is technically sound and marketing your business effectively, get your Website Review. I’ll include recommendations and suggestions regarding content, tagline, USP, SEO and much more… in easy to understand, non-technical terms. We’ll follow up with a half-hour, one-on-one private strategy session to ensure you understand the Report contents and recommendations.

You need a candid, professional website assessment. Just one or two overlooked opportunities could be costing you thousands of dollars in income. Order your Website Review & Personalized Advisory Report today.

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