Dr Susan Jamieson, Holistic Medical Centre, Hong Kong

“Delighted. Practice getting new people from Google daily!
I think this may be saving my business!”

– Dr Susan Jamieson, Holistic Central Medical Practice, Hong Kong

Monica Holy, author of "Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift"

“Bite size pieces.

With the first mention of ‘You need a website’ I cringed knowing there was a mountain of work behind the scenes no one sees but the creator. I knew that wasn’t me, because I had just worked out ‘left click, right click’.

I knew there were keys on the keyboard that once pressed, my laptop would implode and take me with it.

The necessity of a website exceeded my knowledge.

Karilee enabled me to take in the necessary information and steps in bite size pieces. I have a website. I have a skookum website, if I say so myself! I’m still here. My head didn’t explode and splat all over my screen.

Looking back I can see how the mountain of what I didn’t know has transformed into the mountain of what I now know.

I continue to find gems in Karilee’s tips, and am starting my second website. Thank you Karilee for turning what I thought would be overwhelming, into manageable.”

– Monica Holy, author of Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift

Vincent J Kellsey of Quantum Success Group“I tried everything I could think of for two days, got frustrated and confuddled – then thought to call Karilee. She solved the problem in under 5 minutes.
Thanks Karilee!”

– Vincent J Kellsey, Breakthrough Event Leader & Coach

Julie Graber

“Karilee Orchard should be your first point of contact for all of your marketing needs! She is absolutely fabulous and I would highly recommend her, she knows how to get your message heard!”

– Julie-Graber, Autism Recovery Coach


“After talking with a few Social Media consultants, I was sure Twitter would take too much time and not at all confident that I would get results. Karilee worked with me to get the @InspiredMentors list targeted to conscious entrepreneurs and change agents and quickly ramped up my Twitter account!

The numbers are exciting, but more importantly, I’m connecting with other entrepreneurs and building relationships which are following through to LinkedIn, Facebook and our online community for entrepreneurs – www.inspiredmentors.com. This service is far more than a Twitter Account Boost – It’s a Business, Brand and Confidence Boost!”

– Dinny Lansdowne

Connie Larson

“I got very tired of our unique, paradise lake property in Ontario not even being viewed by potential buyers after over a year of being listed with a good realtor.  I approached Karilee to walk me through the ‘how to’ of getting my own website up and running, and how to have it visible on the web because I really believe this property is being overlooked.

We worked remotely on our computers communicating and having online lessons and before I was even finished our lessons, I got an inquiry about the property – within 10 days of registering the domain name!  Let’s hope it’s a sale, they’ll be seeing it soon.

I listened to Karilee, did what she advised, and I`m already seeing the results.  She`s a great coach.  I had lots of motivation but lots of concern.  Today I`m seeing results – the Outcome is Great!”

– Connie Larson

“Rarely do you find a person that has the technical knowledge, never mind the marketing knowhow along with it to put together a website that can fit a new entrepreneurs, in fact any business entrepreneurs needs. Well not only does Karilee have those qualifications, she also has the ability to succinctly explain the information so that I, a person that has never attempted anything like this was able to put together a useable, informative website within a couple of hours.

Not only that, I was able to understand what I had done and am looking forward to Karilee offering her program so that I can further my knowledge to help my business grow faster.

Thank you Karilee.”

– Frank Kajda

“Hi Karilee!

Wow! Thank you so much for your incredible, in-depth and meticulous web analysis! You pinpointed new ways to improve our site that we were completely unaware of, and you also gave us great ideas for improvements that we are already working towards.

Thank you so much again! Bravo!”

– Marnie Hancock, CEO, Creative Potential Inc., Canada, & The List Inc., USA

Geoffrey X Lane

Our first web designer experience was a complete catastrophe. I soon learned that there is an amazing difference between just knowing “how to” and “what works”.

Having made that mistake we took our time, asked several associates and visited many sites before deciding upon working with Karilee Orchard.

Karilee’s greatest strength is that she knows what works! It’s hard to describe the difference we experienced. Her suggestions were right on and she was a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend Karilee to anyone looking for a real pro to team up with and create a powerful website and marketing program.

– Geoffrey X Lane, President and CEO, The Leader’s Advantage

“As a blogger and co-author of a published work,  I can say that I feel confident about my writing skills, but Karilee’s experience in social marketing has been invaluable. Its one thing to write for yourself, but if you’d like to take it to the next level and actually attract an audience to yourself, Karilee’s guidance has been such an important part of our success.

Thanks Karilee!


– Nicole Chayka
Co-Author, Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift

Corry Kouwenberg picture


Thank you for all your help with my website creation and support. I find it hard to believe that you were actually able to teach me how to create, edit and moderate my new website and blog in such a short time frame and with such ease. You have saved me a lot of grief and even more time and expense. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone that is in the need of website creation, marketing and ongoing training or support. You had the solutions for all my questions.”

– Corry Kouwenberg

Abey Witecka

“Karilee is an amazing trainer, “the missing link” between us, the regular people and “them”, the “geeks”, or the computer wizards. Oh, I have to mention the third part as well: marketing. With these set of skills, Karilee is the best marketing coach for entrepreneurs!”

– Abey Witecka, Owner ~ Abey Music: Piano, theory and composition training