Design Portfolio

A Community Newspaper

Communal Beat is a new print newspaper in the Comox Valley. Their companion website needed to be attractive, upbeat, and most importantly ready on time for their print launch. The site was ready and very well-received, and its local Events Calendar provides a useful resource to the whole community.

A Non-Profit’s Story Told Visually

Surfrider Spirit Sessions is a non-profit that has a fascinating story, and needed to tell it in a very visual way. A few seconds of watching their new home page slider shows how they use surfing to create a new start for troubled teens.

An Artist’s Website Makeover

Gaye Adams creates beautiful paintings, and teaches others to paint. Her original site was looking dated, and the black background made text hard to read. Every time Gaye created a new painting or planned a new course, she had to pay her webmaster to update the site. The solution was a professional and attractive site that showcased her paintings in an attractive slider, and allowed Gaye to make her own updates.

OWL Hawaii – Non-Profit Organization Site

An attractive and easy-to-update website was needed for the Organization of Women Leaders, a non-profit in Hawaii. Using blog posts for the website Calendar kept the site very easy to update by volunteers. Members can easily subscribe via RSS to get updates, with no overhead cost to the organization for maintaining a subscription newsletter service. Easy to update, simple and informative - perfect for a small non-profit.

Gwynne Dyer – Over 500 Articles

Author, historian and hard-hitting journalist Gwynne Dyer's website makeover was a challenge. He had 573 articles, all in text files... none were laid out for the web, and none were searchable on his old website. We needed to add search capabilities and powerful archives, so that his many readers could find what they were looking for. We also had to come up with an effective way of adding tags to that huge article repository. We've had excellent feedback on the redesign from many of Gwynne's fans.

Section 132 – Book Promotion Website

Since the book Section 132 had already been printed, Helga wanted to ensure that the fonts and colors would match the existing book cover. We reworked the look of the site until she felt it was just what she wanted. We also created the 3-D book image for the sidebar, added a testimonials slider, and taught Helga how to add her own articles to the site as blog posts.

Vedic Astrology Guide – Made To Order

Kathleen had a very specific design in mind, and her first question to us was "Can you make it look just like this?". Of course we could! Her next concern was that she be able to change any content, or even colors and fonts, on her own. You bet! Notice the sample video in the sidebar - another "must have". Kathleen has continued to update and maintain her own site, providing consistently up-to-date information on Vedic Astrology - with no need to pay an outside webmaster.

Quantum Success Group – Corporate

Quantum Success Group does breakthrough leadership training. They asked for an authoritative, corporate look. Of course, we didn't want to sacrifice friendly for business-like, so a hint of humor definitely shows through. The dynamic testimonials slider really draws attention, to help build trust and authority.

Caribbean Restaurant – Mobile

D Roti Shak, a new Caribbean restaurant, needed a bright, easy-to-maintain website that works seamlessly on all mobile devices. The owners will update the site themselves, so ease of use was important. Of course, showcasing the food and "atmosphere" of this friendly eatery were important. Note the friendly menu titles, bright colors, and Call to Action to "Check Out Our Menu!".