Your Business

You’re a Service Professional

You run your own small business. Perhaps you’re a consultant, coach, trainer, speaker, author. Maybe you’re a financial, legal or health professional. You’re an entrepreneur, and you are responsible for the results your business gets.

You’re a service professional who makes a difference in the lives of others. You don’t work for one-time sales, you build a relationship and expect to generate repeat sales over time. You make people’s lives better every day: your clients, your employees, your families, your friends, and your own.

You have or want to have a freedom business that allows you flexibility in your hours, income and even location. You’re unique, running your business in your way and changing the world for the better, one day at at time. You don’t know it all. You can’t do it all alone.

“The first thing a prospective client does is look you up on Google. If nothing shows up, you simply aren’t credible…”

Going It Alone is Tough

Sometimes you need a cheerleader. A fan. A geek. A supporter. A listener. An ally. A finder. A connector. A confessor. An expert. A role model. A guide. A mentor.

Many people with superior technical skills don’t understand business well, particularly small business. And they often don’t communicate well. Most marketing consultants are priced out of your reach, and they don’t understand how a small business can leverage free or inexpensive technology. Technology must add value to your company, or it’s a waste of time and money you just can’t afford. With so many choices of products and systems, how do you make the right choices for your small business?

What if your company is a new start-up with little funding and no employees? What if your primary assets are your ideas, hard work, desire for a better life and determination to serve your clients? What if you’re still employed, and trying to launch your “freedom business” on the side – or squeezing out extra hours for a side business because your main job just doesn’t feel as secure as it used to?

“Opportunities multiply as they are seized.”

-Sun Tzu

Get Marketing Support That Works

My unique combination of coaching, training and consulting will get your business marketing flowing consistently. Whether you need technical help, referrals to smart people who “get” small business, or just a little motivation to be consistent and innovative in your marketing, let’s get some business flowing for you right now.