Twitter Account Booster

Twitter Account Social Media Booster

Twitter BoosterThis is a little different from the usual “Tweet for you” or “get Twitter followers” service out there.

Tweets aren’t enough.

Even Followers aren’t enough.

I will build you a highly targeted, active, quality Twitter following
interested in YOUR business niche.

This is an exclusive service for serious businesses that want to establish a solid core of targeted Twitter Followers in a new Twitter account, and break past the 2000-Follower limit that Twitter applies. This is the only service that takes care of everything you need to set up Twitter, learn how to use it, and build a targeted group of Twitter Followers. You’ll want to keep reading if you want to:

Attract New Prospects and Clients

Build Your Brand

Create Buzz

Amplify Your Online Visibility & Reputation

Boost Your Business Bottom Line

Get Started in Social Media

Twitter Booster ServicesHere’s what I do for you:

I create your Twitter account, or review your existing Twitter account to ensure it’s set up effectively. This includes adding an image and background image if needed, updating your bio, and creating a list of keywords with you to focus on the targeted Twitter followers you want to attract. Typically I’ll write several alternate bios and rotate them, to ensure your keywords are covered.

Then I do your initial Tweets, and begin to build a list of targeted Twitter followers for you by keyword, as well as by following the audiences of up to 25 people on Twitter that you designate. This could be competitors, or people influential in your field. If you’re not sure whose audience you want, I’ll research active Twitter users in your niche and make suggestions. I build a solid following of quality targeted Twitter followers on your Twitter account. This is what it looks like – a real, paying client’s results who’s currently on her third month of the service:

Twitter Account Booster Results Chart


“After talking with a few Social Media consultants, I was sure Twitter would take too much time and not at all confident that I would get results. Karilee worked with me to get the @InspiredMentors list targeted to conscious entrepreneurs and change agents and quickly ramped up my Twitter account!

The numbers are exciting, but more importantly, I’m connecting with other entrepreneurs and building relationships which are following through to LinkedIn, Facebook and our online community for entrepreneurs – This service is far more than a Twitter Account Boost – It’s a Business, Brand and Confidence Boost!”

– Dinny Lansdowne

Results Guaranteed!

Twitter Is A Powerful Business Tool

Twitter is a great way to reach out to prospective clients, and being active on Twitter boosts the rankings of your website on Google. In short, most businesses should consider adding Twitter to their marketing strategy. If your business has a unique selling proposition or an interesting story to tell, Twitter is a great place to do it.

If You Keep Saying…

“I know I should be on Twitter,
but I haven’t had the time…”

Build A TARGETED Twitter Following

Get Followed On TwitterI will follow appropriate, targeted Twitter followers in your Twitter account, as well as following people who follow you.

I’m going to restrict who is followed, so that they meet very distinct and important criteria:

  • They tweet about one of your selected keywords, or follow a person you’ve specified who is in your niche
  • They’ve been on Twitter for at least two weeks
  • They are active on Twitter and post at least an average of 5 Tweets per month
  • They’re not a spammer. They don’t Tweet more than 20x per day on average
  • They don’t add a link every time they Tweet
  • They have at least 500 Friends (people they follow)
  • They have at least 500 Followers (people who follow them)

Each new follower will get a welcoming message with a link you designate. I’d advise you to use this as an opportunity to build an email list by offering a free bonus – again, aimed at your targeted audience. We’ll talk more about how to do that.

I will Unfollow anyone who doesn’t follow you back within a week – this will build you a highly targeted, active, quality Twitter follower list.

I’ll Tweet For You Too

Tweet for meWhile this is much more than a “Tweet for you” service, I’ll watch over your account and post relevant Tweets for you, if you’re too busy to do so. It’s important to Tweet at least a couple of times per week in order to stay active on Twitter and attract followers.

If you provide a list of Tweets, I’ll post them for you, up to two per day. One of my clients was paying a Virtual Assistant $200 a month for this alone… and after a couple of months, she still had less than 300 followers. That’s not what you need.

Breaking the 2000 Person Twitter Follow Limit

One of the most difficult challenges with Twitter is getting past 2000 Followers. In brief, you have to have more people following you than you are following to make this possible. Even Twitter users who put in some serious effort often stall when they hit this barrier.

I guarantee I will get your account past the 2000 person Twitter Follow Limit. Most people who get started on Twitter get stuck there, if not long before. I know how to get you past the 2000 Follower barrier, and that’s when you’ll find you start to get better results on Twitter. People take you seriously. People hesitate less about following you. You begin to develop influence.

This will take about two months, averaging 1000 new Twitter followers per month. That’s why the Twitter Account Booster Package includes your first two months of service. If it takes longer, you won’t pay more. “Breaking through” the 2000 Follower limit is guaranteed.

Bonus #1 How To Use Twitter – Training Included

Twitter Booster TrainingI’ll teach you how to use Twitter, and ensure you’ve got someone to ask when you have questions. This isn’t some crappy rebranded video – you’ll have a live training session, with a professional trainer, and the opportunity to ask questions.

Bonus #2: How To Use Twitter For Business GuideBook

Learn TwitterYou’ll also receive an illustrated “How To Use Twitter For Business” guidebook. This will cover:

  • Terminology
  • Replies, DMs, @mentions and #’s
  • Frequently used Twitter tools
  • Posting images
  • Searching Twitter
  • Twitter etiquette
  • and more!

You’ll learn what you have to do to get (and stay!) followed on Twitter, and what not to do that would drive your followers away.

Trustworthy and Reputable Service

This isn’t some scam that tries to get your Twitter account information so that they can post ads under your name, and dumps you in a pool of trashy “followback” followers. No spam. No getting your account banned. No fly-by-night operation where you don’t know who you’re dealing with. Google me. I’m well-known on the web. I guarantee that if you purchase this package, your Twitter account will break the 2000 person Twitter follower limit, or I’ll refund every penny.

So, To Recap

The Twitter Account Booster package includes:

Twitter BulletTwitter Account Setup (or review), including:

  • Image Upload
  • Background Image
  • Keyword List
  • 3 Bios created to attract your target audience
  • Initial Tweets

Twitter BulletOver 2000 Active, Targeted Followers (getting you past the 2000-follower limit)

  • Restricted criteria to ensure an excellent list of quality, active followers
  • DM’s (Direct Messages) to all new followers with your site link
  • Unfollowing everyone who doesn’t follow you back within a week
  • Following new followers who follow you

Twitter BulletTweets to Keep Your Account Active If You’re Too Busy To Tweet

  • Non-spammy, quality “occasional” tweets in a voice appropriate to your business plus up to two Tweets per day done for you (your content)

Twitter BulletBonus #1: Twitter Training and Support

Twitter BulletBonus #2: A detailed, illustrated Twitter For Business Guidebook

Twitter BulletA Quality Guarantee

  • Your Twitter Account will break the 2000 Follower barrier, with quality targeted followers, if you purchase the Twitter Account Booster Package.

Setup, Followers, Tweet Service, Training AND Guidebook:Twitter Booster Guaranteed Results

Results Guaranteed!

$250/month thereafter for as long as you wish to continue the service – cancel at any time, no automatic billing unless requested.