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Content Getting Copied? Get Tynt

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Imitation, they say, is the sincerest form of flattery. However, if you work hard at creating great original web content, it can be annoying to find that it’s being duplicated on other websites. But what if you could turn having your content copied into a benefit? Enter Tynt.

Tynt Gives Your Website Valuable Links When Your Content Is Copied

Tynt provides the ability to track when your web content is being copied, and most importantly, to add a link to any content that is copied, whether into an e-mail  social media site like Facebook, or another website. If your website has Tynt installed, anyone who copies content from it will create this link automatically. Read more

WordPress Search Engine Optimization – Two Tips

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If you’re a regular reader here, you probably either have a WordPress website, or plan to build one. I’ve made no secret of my belief that at this time, WordPress is simply the best tool for building a website for almost every small business. One of the reasons for that is that WordPress is structured to be easy for search engine robots to navigate. Also, when you create posts and pages, WordPress makes it really easy for you to take the right steps for search engine optimization (SEO).

Search Engine Optimization in Pages

Let’s review some of those steps today, to make sure you’re taking advantage of what WordPress can easily do to help your search engine optimization.

When you create a page in WordPress, the title of the page becomes part of your site navigation – your main menu. This means that it becomes an “anchor text link”, which is a valuable search engine optimization resource. An anchor text link is a link where you click on text and are taken to a webpage. You’re not clicking on the address of the page itself, you’re clicking on text which contains the address. Google and other search engines really like anchor text links, because they help clarify what the page is about.

Marketing Coach <– Example of an anchor text link <– example of a link with no anchor text Read more