Market-Responsive Skills

Creation of Marketing Materials Fast is Useful

They say “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, but this site was. WordPress installation, the first 17 pages of content, plugins, basic SEO… it all went up fast, because I needed a site and I had the knowledge that would let me build what I wanted.

I used a free theme, because I wanted this site to be representative of a basic business site that you could build inexpensively. I already had hosting, but for a starter business, a site like this could be up for the first month for under $10, plus the builder’s time.

Edit: Site is now running on a “Premium Theme”. We’ve matured to the point of needing it for Portfolios and such.

Now, a small business website should never be “finished”, and I’ll be adding material to this one on an ongoing basis, but it’s still nice to be able to “open for business” without weeks or months of wait time.

Planning Matters

But, like all construction that seems to get done quickly, the pondering, planning and prep work took much longer.

Friends and business contacts had been asking me to figure out a way to let them learn this website building and web marketing stuff. I’d thought about classes, but I felt that most entrepreneurs needed smaller bites of learning. A one or two day class was “indigestible” for most, as they just didn’t have the time to put it into practice.

These skills are challenging to implement at first without guidance and support. Like any technical training, “use it or lose it” applies. Individual training works, but there was a large marketing coaching component as well as the technical learning, and it was cost-prohibitive for many people.

Fill the Need

This all percolated in my brain for a couple of months. I went to some networking meetings and realized that the majority of the people I was meeting were looking for both technology and marketing support – if only they could find it on an affordable basis. They needed a safe place to learn, where their investment of time would pay off, and where they could structure their marketing in an authentic way that wouldn’t feel foreign to them. Many of them also needed a little more structure to keep them taking marketing action consistently.

It all came together when I read the quote on the home page of this site. The entrepreneurs I was meeting didn’t need goals, they needed help taking the right actions to achieve the outcomes they wanted.

Small Group Live Coaching Is A Win

Here’s how this is going to work. You’ll come to my home office every week, with your laptop,  for a two hour session. It will include:

  • A review of your marketing actions from the previous week
  • A lesson in marketing techniques or technology
  • An opportunity to get your individual questions and challenges addressed
  • A commitment for your next week’s marketing actions

Groups will be limited to only four participants. This is a very intimate group size that will give you lots of time for personal attention, but you’ll also get to know some new people who can give you support and ideas to drive your business forward.

Progress Every Week

Every week, you’ll learn new techniques and implement them. This isn’t dry theory, it’s put-it-into-practice time, but you’ll have the support you need. Every week, you will increase your web presence, reach out to new and existing clients, and market your business more consistently than you ever have before.

Take Action Now

Let’s talk about it – I’ll give you the gift of a thirty-minute consultation absolutely free. Just set an appointment, and we’ll discuss the challenges you have with your marketing and web presence, and whether these programs can offer you the support you need to move forward faster than ever before. There’s no obligation, so let’s chat soon.

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I'm a big fan of entrepreneurship. Most of my learning, teaching and business is focused on effectively creating "freedom businesses" that allow you to focus on your strengths, and bring what you're really good at to the world - profitably. My clients are looking for more of the right customers - and I show them how to make that happen. I help them develop their web presence through their website, SEO, social media and other marketing tactics.

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