Consistent Marketing Mathematics

Consistent Marketing a Bite at a Time

Consistent marketing is the magic behind our Outcome-Focused Weekly Marketing Programs. When the actions necessary to promote your small business, build your reputation, and develop a stream of prospective clients are broken down into bite-sized pieces, they don’t look so overwhelming.

testimonialFor example, most businesses benefit from having a testimonials book for sales presentations. Gathering those testimonials together may seem like an overwhelming challenge, but if you gather just one or two per week, at the end of the year your book contains 50 to 100 testimonials. That’s the power of consistent marketing.

Building Your List is Essential

Building your mailing list is an essential part of marketing, and the number one thing that most entrepreneurs regret failing to do immediately when they launched. We teach our clients skills with autoresponders and website list building techniques, but the most important part is making adding to your list a part of your consistent marketing. If you were to add only two prospects to your list every day, by the end of the year you’d have an active list of 500.

When you launch a new product or service, or even want to improve cash flow with a special, that list is pure gold to your business. Of course, because you’re a consistent marketer, it’s not a dead list – it’s up to date with prospects prepared to interact with your business. What would you give right now to have a list of 500 prospects who are interested in your business and ready to be mailed to?

Presentations are Great for Consistent Marketing

A very powerful technique for consistent marketing is to present to audiences appropriate to your business on a regular basis. Creating a keynote or educational presentation and learning the skills to comfortably and powerfully present to your audience builds your reputation fast, and allows you to combine perhaps a month’s worth of sales calls into one presentation. In addition, it’s a great way to build your mailing list, with the techniques we’ll teach you.

While presenting is overwhelmingly frightening to some entrepreneurs, many learn it and are glad they did. If it’s really not your thing, there are polished presenters who can step up and present on your behalf for a reasonable fee or percentage of sales.

Imagine doing one presentation a month to an audience of 50 people, as part of your consistent marketing. That’s 600 prospects per year who now know about what you do, and most of them will be added to your mailing list.

Many More Examples

There are many other inexpensive ways to put consistent marketing to work for your business, to create a powerful flow of prospects. That’s what we do here at Outcome Marketing. If you’re in the Vancouver Lower Mainland area, be sure to check out our in-person Outcome-Focused Weekly Marketing Programs. We get together every week in small groups, learn new skills and plan our marketing for the next week. We also track our progress, so there’s gentle accountability to keep you on track. Goals don’t get you where you want to be – actions do, and our programs help you take consistent marketing action, EVERY WEEK.

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